Businesses everywhere are migrating from locally-installed software to secure web-based systems. Pioneers like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon have led the movement online with innovations like Google Cloud, SkyDrive, iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive. Solution providers who specialize in specific industries are following suit with web-based offerings of their own. The era of installing enterprise software from discs and distributing it over a local network is winding down.

Vortex has decades of experience in cutting-edge technological development – particularly in the life and disability insurance industries. We specialize in consulting for insurance companies to help them manage the introduction and integration of new technologies into their sales and client management processes.

Web-based solutions offer many advantages over traditional software, including:

Web-based solutions open other possibilities as well:

Vortex offers consulting services on a time and materials basis. We will be happy to provide an estimate for your project. Upon being authorized to proceed to the next step we would meet with the stakeholders in person and / or on-line and create a detailed and well-documented plan of implementation. We would be happy to develop your solution in-house or to work with a third-party developer for any or all of the components. We are confident you will find that hiring Vortex to define, manage and implement the entire project in-house will deliver significant cost savings.

For more information, please contact our CEO Greg Van Wijk directly at 604-878-6366 x1, or email him at [email protected] and he will be happy to discuss the project with you.

Case Study: Investor Desktop

Financial Analysis Tools

Before we built for the web, we built a product line of standalone solutions for financial organizations such as banks, credit unions, securities firms, life insurance companies and mutual fund sales companies. We have brought that long expertise forward into the online era in the form of web-based financial analysis tools.

The web has empowered consumers to become increasingly sophisticated in their knowledge of financial services and products. Many products once available only through intermediaries are now purchased and managed directly online. At the same time, there remain many other products that are best explored with the help of a qualified financial services professional. An online tool that not only educates and arouses interest in the consumer, but also helps intermediaries by pre-qualifying prospects and identifying needs, is best suited to products such as these.

Case Study: Financial Planning Analyzer

Concept Sales Tools

Vortex has developed concept selling tools for the life insurance industry since 1990. Our flagship product, ADDCALC, has since become Canada's industry standard for illustrating life insurance-based solutions to any number of financial concerns, including estate planning, charitable giving, retirement planning, pension maximization and corporate insurance.

Vortex recently released a from-the-ground-up redesign of ADDCALC based on Microsoft’s leading edge .NET technology, available in both desktop and web-based models. Vortex licenses ADDCALC to Canadian life insurance companies who in turn include ADDCALC as part of their product illustration software packages. The new version comes equipped with a highly sophisticated web-based back office interface that enables insurance company clients to exercise complete customization control over the reports that ADDCALC generates.

Case Study: ADDCALC
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